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Medical tourism

«E.Meshalkin National Medical Research Center» of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is one of the largest multidisciplinary scientific, clinical and educational centers in Russia.

Our physicians are world leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of complex illnesses such areas as heart and vascular surgery, heart transplant. The center helps patients with neurosurgery and oncological diseases.

Meshalkin Center has a unique experience in combined pathology, which involves several teams of surgeons: oncologists and cardiovascular surgeons. The center ranks first in terms of the number of neuroendovascular operations in Russia.


• high quality;
• best doctor;
• reasonable prices;
• acquaintance with the culture.

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Cardiac surgery

Specialized, including high-tech, medical care for adults and children in the areas of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.

• Aortic surgery
• Surgical treatment of obstructive cardiomyopathy
• Surgical treatment of neoplasms and tumors of the heart
• Endoscopic aortic surgery with «daVinci» system
• Treatment of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension
• Mini-invasive surgery for coronary heart disease
• Surgical correction of septal defects
• Cardiosurgical treatment of cyanotic heart disease



Professional approach to the choice of tactics for surgical or therapeutic treatment, a wide arsenal diagnostic and therapeutic methods allow you to perform a full range of measures to combat almost any a form of cancer.

• Radiation therapy
• Сhemotherapy
• "Open" surgical interventions for neoplastic formations of variable localization
• Endoscopic and robot-assisted interventions in the treatment of patients with gynecological and urological oncology



Department of the Neurosurgery has established long-standing clinical and scientific traditions that ensure a high level of neurosurgical pathology diagnostics and treatment.

• Endovascular threatment of different pathologies of central nervous system - Microneurosurgical threatment of the different tumors of the brain and the spinal cord
• Chronic pain syndrome threatment using neuromodulation
• Microsurgical treatment of brain and spinal cord tumors
• Deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's desease, essential tremor, dystonia or epilepsy
• Surgical threatment of the hydrocephalus or congenital abnormalities of CNS
• Reconstructive surgery of the skull deffects
• Spinal surgery

How we work

Step 1. Receiving treatment

You can contact us:
1) Call 8 (383) 347-60-66;
2) Leave a request on the website https://meshalkin.ru/;
3) Write us an email: mail@meshalkin.ru.

Step 2. Document review

Conducted by leading experts.

Step 3. Harmonization of conditions of diagnosis and treatment in the clinic

Your personal specialist-coordinator throughout the process of organizing your trip will deal with all matters relating to your visit for diagnosis and treatment.

Step 4. Payment

You enter into a contract and pay for services according to the plan. A surcharge may be required, if additional tests or tests are required during the diagnostic examination.

Step 5. Diagnosis and treatment

The Center provides medical services both inpatient and outpatient care. The treatment plan will be agreed with you.

Step 6. Conclusion and recommendations

At the final conversation with the doctor you get all the information about the results of diagnosis and treatment in an understandable form, as well as the results of studies, analyses and recommendations for further treatment and rehabilitation in writing.

Step 7. Follow-up after treatment

We keep in touch with our customers after returning home.


We welcome your questions and comments.

Contact us

You can contact us in any way you like in order to apply for services

By phone:

For Russian-speaking
8 (383) 347-60-66

For English-speaking
8 (383) 347-60-99 (ext. 60-50) - Shevchenko Irina Vitalievna, shevchenko_i@meshalkin.ru

Our address:

E.Meshalkin National Medical Research Center of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

15 Rechkunovskaya Street,
Novosibirsk, 630055

Send an email: mail@meshalkin.ru

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